More About Bronco Bucks

Frequently Asked Questions about Bronco Bucks:

Q: “$45 seems like a lot. Why so much?”

A: Remember, your $45 donation is taking the place of TWO fundraisers – the PTA fundraiser AND the school fundraiser. Plus, the one-time $45 contribution is equal to 25 cents a day!!!

Q: “Is the $45 donation tax deductible, and can I get a receipt?”

A: Yes, most definitely. HMS PTA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your cancelled check serves as your donation receipt.

Q: “May I donate more than $45/child?”

A: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Q: “Can my parents, sisters, brothers, neighbors and friends make a donation too?”

A: Yes! Yes! Yes! Each donation is of course tax-deductible and the more donations we receive the more capable we will be to provide our kids, school and staff with the best programs, technology, equipment and training available!

Q: “Why is it the PTA’s responsibility to pay for the items on this list? It seems like these items should be paid for by the school district out of our taxes.”

A: Many completely agree with your sentiment. However, our State Legislature has mandated a policy whereby the school districts with higher tax bases must fund school districts with lower tax bases. This policy has often been referred to as “Robin Hood.” With large sums automatically leaving our district, it leaves little discretionary funds after salaries, utilities and maintenance. (If you happen to disagree with the current policy, we highly encourage you to write to our state legislators.)

Q: “What if some parents don’t donate and we don’t raise as much money as with the past fundraisers?”

A: Quite simply, if we don’t raise the money, we won’t have the money to spend on the things our children and staff currently enjoy. So, we would have to make some very hard decisions; whether to cut certain programs and school/staff equipment or have another product sale later in the year to try and raise additional funds. Please encourage every HMS parent to participate in our Bronco Bucks Campaign for its success.

Have you ever wondered where our fundraising proceeds go? 
Below is a SMALL sample of some of the things that our HMS students, faculty, adn staff currently enjoy as a result of your generous contributions:
  • Classroom supplies
  • Additional lockers for boys’ locker room
  • Staff appreciation functions
  • Workroom equipment
  • Nurse/clinic supplies
  • STAAR test snacks and bottled water
  • Reflections program
  • Creative Problem Solving programs
  • Outdoor benches and tables
  • Socials and 8th Grade Party
  • Technology items and accessories
  • Scholarships
  • Cotillion
  • Branding Iron (T-shirts and other spirit items)
  • Youth Protection programs
Please support our Bronco Bucks Drive!  Without your donations, none of these things would be possible. We are suggesting a contribution of $45 per student in order to maintain a competitive educational experience for our children.