Record Volunteer Hours Here

Enter your Monthly Volunteer Hours for HMS! Remember to record any off campus volunteering or after hours school functions (Booster Club, Band, Choir, Athletics, Theater, etc). Be sure to click on SUBMIT when you are done entering your hours! Thank you so much for volunteering your time!!!

Background Check

GCISD requires everyone who wants to volunteer in any capacity at its’ schools to complete a background check form. You must complete one each school year and have it approved before volunteering. To complete the online form, please click on this link to begin the process!

Get started Volunteering here…

Hello PTA parents! Would you like to get involved at HMS as a volunteer? If so, please contact Mary Ellen Blackstone at meblackstone@gmail.com. We have many opportunities to get involved as a parent volunteer. We can use your help whether you can only do it once in a while or you can commit to a regular schedule. At HMS, we have so many activities, volunteers are always needed. Please send Mary Ellen a note and let her know you are interested in being in the volunteer pool.

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